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Our Story

Our story begins in early 2014 when two passionate cyclists, Ron Baron, an Israeli businessman and Ran Margaliot, a former professional Israeli cyclist, met each other on the way to Israel’s most famous cyclist summit – Nes Harim.

A few months later,  a unique Israeli start-up project was launched – Israel Cycling Academy – the first Israeli professional road cycling team in the world.

By 2017 the Academy was already an impressive player in the professional road cycling arena, enabling talented cyclists from Israel and the world to take part in one of the most inspiring Zionist projects of our times in the world of cycling.

The team participated in many local and international events and managed to exceed the founders’ expectations.

That same year, Mr. Sylvan Adams, a prominent Canadian philanthropist, joined the Academy as an additional owner. 

May 2018 brought with it one of the most important milestones in the short history of the team as the Giro D’Italia 101 kicked off its ‘Big Start’ (its first three stages) in Israel. Continuing the iconic race to the finish line in Rome, the Academy finished the 21 day-long course with much pride and a historic achievement when team member Guy Sagiv became the first Israeli to ever finish a professional international grand tour.

Many professional teams compete worldwide, but none is like the Academy, whose budget comes mainly from philanthropy, and even though it is an Israeli team, its ranks are open to all cyclists regardless of religion or nationality.

Our Travel Services

The Israel Cycling Academy’s travel services are powered by Kenes Tours, an Israel-based tourism company with over 50 years of top-level tourism experience worldwide.

Kenes Tours devoted team is comprised of the best professionals in the field, including a senior manager who is a former 1st place finalist in Israel’s prestigious national road cycling championship.


Professionalism is our guiding philosophy when it comes to everything.  Our mechanics and soigneurs have World Tour experience and our services are the very best that money can buy, uniquely designed to create the most incredible experiences possible from arrival to departure.’